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3.5 Inch Hard Disk Case with Fan and Power Switch



Install your normal 3.5 inch IDE hard disk(< =250G) with this hard disk box, you will own a usb2.0 external mobile hard disk drive. It Can be used with laptop and  desktop PC.


    Human nature design, easy installation.

    No driver  is required  for  Windows 98 or above.

    The maximum support capacity <=250GB.

    CS88186 Chip set, detect  HDD fast,, High Speed USB2.0 port.

    New  design with cooling fan and power switch .

    External  switching power supply, DC output:: 5V/12V

    AC input: 100~240V/50~60HZ

    Shell material: Aluminum.

    Support all windows System and Mac OS8.6 or latest version.


    Switching Power Supply                            1

    USB cable                                                   1

    Driver  CD   for  windows98                      1

    User's Manual                                             1


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Absolute new set,  the first hand, never used !  One to one exchange in 7 days and 3 months limited warranty (repair) if it is the manufacture quality problem, During the 7 days, you  had  better do a full test and keep all package well, any problems, report to us as quickly as possible.


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What is 3.5 inch hard disk drive?

The 3.5 inch  hard disk is the one often used in desktop PC , the hard disk for laptop is 2.5 inch.

What hard disk drive  can be fixed  the box?

The box is only for 3.5 inch IDE hard disk drive (or ATA HDD), not for SATA hard disk drive.

Why choose 3.5 inch hard disk box?

Because 3.5 inch hard disk is more cheap then the same capacity of 2.5 inch and 1.8 inch hard disk drive, So use 3.5 inch hard disk drive to construct the mobile hard disk drive, the cost is the lowest.

What is the function of the hard disk box?

Install your normal 3.5 inch hard disk in the hdd box, then your normal 3.5 inch IDE hard disk drive become a USB2.0 mobile hard disk drive. that's mean you are no need to install your hard disk in your PC, and put it outside, just use USB cable to connect to your PC or laptop and you can operate it like the main hard disk drive (C:).

Why it need a external power supply?

The current and power consumption of 3.5 inch hard disk drive is high, so it can not supply power only by USB port, the USB only support <500mA current.

Can I use it with my laptop?

Of course, you can.

The mobile hard disk drive construct with your HDD box, is the same as the brand  mobile hard disk drive ?

Yes, The function, data format, operation are the same.

Are there a cooling fan inside the HDD box?

Yes, so far we have two type HDD box, without fan and with fan, it all depend on which one you like.

How to install your HDD box with my hard disk drive?

1)If you hard disk is new one, you have to format it first by PC.

2)Your Hard disk setting should be set "Master Mode".

3)Fix two connector, Power supply connector and IDE connector with your hard disk drive counterpart in the box.

Why my mobile hard disk drive has not shown in "My Computer"?

Sometimes, you have to assign a drive letter to your external mobile hard disk. Go to "control panel"---"Administrative tools"---"Computer management"---"Storage"---"Disk management", then you will see your mobile hard disk drive has no drive letter, click the mouse right key ,Select "Change drive letter and path....", assign a letter for your mobile hard disk drive such as "H" or "I", then your mobile hard disk will be showed in "My Computer" immediately.


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